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  • To develop and implement various schemes for the social, charitable, educational, cultural, spiritual, intellectual, sports, medical, physical, and holistic development of the backward community and to bring them into the national mainstream.

  • To promote national unity, eradicate evil tendencies and practices, racism, and superstition prevalent in society, and awaken a sense of  national unity, and brotherhood.

  • To run spiritual education classes, establish a good quality library for intellectual development, and organize cultural programs, national festivals, and educational trips and seminars.

  • To promote and disseminate education through campaigns.

  • To conduct medical camps.

  • To establish and run art centers for the advancement of children in the field of arts and sports, inculcating love of exercise in children, and conducting mentoring camps of experts in the field.

  • To create awareness in society for the protection of human rights and protection of the environment and to carry out various activities.

  • To help and encourage poor and needy students in their educational work, provide free scholarships for students, and help orphans, widows, disabled and vulnerable people.

  • To strive for the upliftment of weaker sections of  society and implement plans for rural and unemployed economic development.

  • To arrange different types of camps such as life skill and personality development, guidance campaign.

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